Update (long time no see)

Gosh it's been ages since I've updated on here - so wrapped up in real life and writing I kinda forgot that I had this journal *bad me*
What to say?
Well, main thing today is that it is the 4th anniversary of my fathers death. Goodness, those years have flown by... Mum has adjusted to her new life very well, not that she doesn't miss Dad terribly but she has managed to move on with very few dramas and I'm very proud of her. She is now a strong, independant woman who is making the most of her life - go her! I've just been out to lunch with her and my big sis -- nice way to make a nice memory of what is a sad day for my family.
My boys are doing well -- Lew is still with his girlfriend and saving madly to afford a house of their own. Scott is going into the second year of A levels having done very well in his exams. We're off visiting universities - Essex, Bath, Glamorgan, Kent and Italia Conti. His dream of doing a performance arts degree still on course:)
Stu is busier than ever which is great.
I'm just getting over yet another abdominal surgery which was no fun. Unfortunatly my bowel is pretty much buggered. It's stuck all round my abdominal wall and when the surgeon tried to unstick it he perferatted it a couple of times - not good:( I'm having a follow up in a couple of months to see if there is a way forward now. Bottom line maybe a colostomy which, at 45, is something I'd like to avoid at all costs if possible. Ah well, I'll be guided by the experts. Funnily enough my MS doesn't seem to affect me as much as I thought. I get tired and have a few sensory issues, balance is not good, but a part from that you'd never know I've got it. I am very thankful for that but do take things a day at a time and try not to get my hopes up as I know that I could relapse at any time:)
I still love writing and am brancing out into my Mandanna sagas although I have written quite a few Daniel whumpers over the last few months and once my brain isn't so foggy, I'll carryon with the latest I'm posting on FF.NET. I am very lucky to have two writing partners now, one for my SG1 stuff and one for my Ben and Lilly stuff so I am in a very happy content, stress free place with my writing.
I have fallen in love with CSI -- all series although CSI NY is my fav:) I adore Suits and Supernatural and cannot wait to see the new Dallas:)
In November, I'm off to another Chevron convention with my lovely friends, fingers crossed that Mr Shanks actually makes it over this time. I am following him on Twitter and am loving his snarky banter and watching the fangirls vieing for his attention - (must admit I do get a teenage thrill if he ever replies to a tweet I send so I suppose I should bracket myself as one of the fangirls althoug I'd rather be known as a fanlady:) )
I am very glad that he's doing so well and have managed to catch a few episodes of Saving Hope which, after a slow start, has improved greating (IMHO)
Not sure what else to say...
I suppose, life is good and I'm happy.
Can't get much better than that:)

Hugs to anyone who reads my rambling.
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